I Did It!

1 Aug

I ate dinner. Sitting. In a restaurant. By. Myself. BY MYSELF!

I’ve had this fear of eating alone for the longest time. It’s been the one aspect of solo travel I haven’t been able to embrace. Sitting alone at a restaurant was in my mind just so uncomfortable and awkward that I couldn’t bring myself to dine alone (in a restaurant – cafes were fine) on any of my travels. But, finally, I did it! I sat down at a restaurant last night, ordered some pasta (pesto – mmmmm) and wine, and sat and ate it completely alone.

Mission: accomplished.


24 Jul

Is the only word I know in German.

Goal for tomorrow: learn how to say “can I please have tap water?”

Walked almost 9 miles today and spent at least 10 euros on water.

Can’t escape the heatwave, even in Berlin.

Giant Tree Day! 

8 Jul

On my way from Saratoga Springs to San Francisco, I made a pit stop above the city to see…GIANT TREES! Muir Woods was incredible. I’m always raving about the culture and history found in European cities, but rarely do I stop to think about the ancient, natural wonders we have right here in America. Wow! So beautiful!

Santa Barbara = Mini Spain

7 Jul

Earlier I was raving about how the San Diego architecture resembles that of Spain. San Diego has nothing on Santa Barbara. The entire city is literally a mini version of a Spanish town! Beautiful architecture, palm trees everywhere…even the signs are Spanish-esque & beautiful. 

Thoughts about California Highways

6 Jul

East coast highways are better. California highways have no signs to tell you what is at each stop, making it very difficult to find the nearest In’N’Out burger (but don’t worry I got my fix)


So, settled once and for all:

Jersey highways > California highways

Newport Beach…

5 Jul

…is nothing like The O.C. I feel as though my favorite middle school show lied to me for years. NOTHING. No resemblance whatsoever. /end rant

Here are the fun things I DID do:

  1. Jennie and her mom took me out on their sailboat on July 4th! Sailing was a ton of fun, other than the brief incident where my camera got an accidental shower from the spray from another boat (don’t worry, it survived)
  2. We saw sea lions on the buoy at the end of the marina!
  3. Learned “ish” how to stand-up paddle board. Mostly just kneel-boarded up and down the harbor. The standing part is SO difficult, you have to balance your weight with the shifting from the paddling AND shifting from the waves.

Sea Lion Love!

4 Jul

On the drive up from San Diego to Newport Beach, I stopped off at La Jolla cove for…SEA LIONS! Real live cuddling on the beach and being adorable sea lions. Not in a cage or a tank; literally nothing to separate you from the wildlife. I took some amazing photos because I was able to get so close up! It was such an incredible experience; there are so few places you can get that close to wildlife [outside a zoo or an aquarium] without scaring them away.