Halloween in London

12 Nov

Is quite different from Halloween in America. Not necessarily in a negative way since I still had a great Halloween weekend here in London, but there were definitely moments where I was homesick. Serious nostalgia for AU’s campus and embassy row trick-or-treating!

Here are the major differences I noticed between Halloween in America and Halloween in the UK:

In America…
– Almost every store has some variation of Halloween decoration, even if it’s just a pumpkin in the window or a paper ghost.
– Grocery stores don’t just sell candy, they dedicate an entire aisle to it.
– Superheroes and cartoon characters are popular costumes. Extra points to anyone who invents an original humorous costume.
– The entire holiday is an excuse for women to wear slutty costumes
– If you aren’t in costume on the subway during Halloween weekend, you’re the odd one out.

In the UK…
– I barely saw any Halloween decorations
– If there was extra candy in the stores, I sure didn’t notice it. But this may only be because I live in the middle of a city with no large grocery stores close by.
– Everyone is covered in blood. White powder and fake blood. Halloween in Britain is actually meant to be scary.
– I didn’t see many slutty costumes…but those who did have them were still covered in blood. No complaints about this one, British people are much classier and I love that.
– I felt judged wearing a masquerade mask on the tube. No costume, just a mask and a dress. When I spotted an occasional person in costume it was a huge relief.

Despite the differences (and some major moments of homesickness) I still had a great weekend.

Halloween show at Koko

Worth mentioning is Koko, the club I went out to for my friend Mich’s birthday on Friday night. Koko is one stop south of Camden Market on the tube, so naturally I’m just as obsessed with the club as I am with Camden Market. Koko is an old restored theatre. All the seats have been removed and the main floor of the theatre has been converted into the main dance floor. The upper balconies have had their seats removed as well, replaced with bars and lounge areas. The whole experience is incredible. You’re standing in this old theatre with it’s red velvet walls and gold trim, but you’re actually in a nightclub. Music is blasting all around you, but you look up to see theatre balconies. Koko is definitely my favorite club in London now!

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