Christmas in November

17 Nov

Last week my friends and I went up to Picadilly Circus for the official Christmas lighting ceremony. The ceremony turned on all the Christmas lights up and down Regent street for the holiday season. I came to London knowing I would have to give up celebrating Thanksgiving…what I didn’t anticipate was the extra twenty days of Christmas I would receive in return. Basically, as soon as the 5th of November passes, the entire city of London starts preparing for Christmas.

Piccadilly Lights

There was a decent sized crowd at the lighting ceremony, but not so many people that I couldn’t get a good view of the stage. This is surprising given who the guest performer was…KELLY CLARKSON! She only sang two songs but it was a great surprise!

Surprise, famous person in London!

Then the crowd counted down and the announcers on stage pressed the button to turn on the lights. The street lit up, confetti rained down from the sky, and fireworks shot up above us. Christmas lights, confetti and fireworks are a perfect combination. It felt like the whole city was celebrating as the explosions, colored smoke and lights lit up the area around us.


I’m so excited to spend the next month celebrating Christmas in London!

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