Christmas with London is the best

31 Dec

From November through the middle of December, London was transformed into a magical Christmas paradise. I have never loved Christmas more than I did this semester. Earlier I wrote about the Piccadilly Christmas lighting…well, Christmas in London only got better from there. My favorite Christmas attractions in London included:

1. Somerset House Ice Rink. There were ice rinks everywhere in London: outside the Natural History museum, next to the Tower of London, in front of the London Eye, but Somerset House was my favorite one. I might be a little biased because it was literally right next door to King’s Strand campus.

Somerset ice rink and tree


2. Southbank Christmas Market. Walk about five minutes away from my residence towards the Thames River and you find a German Christmas market with German food, sweets, gift stalls, and a merry go round.

German hut


3. Food from the German Christmas Market. Hard to resist when it’s only 5 minutes away.


Candy apples

 4. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. Christmas + Carnival = Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. All the carnival rides were Christmas themed. Ride around the roller coaster track in Santa’s sleigh, slam into penguin-themed bumper cars, spin around in a giant snowman, you get the picture. Winter Wonderland also included the German markets with German food and beer huts everywhere, and a row of gift stalls.

Ferris Wheel in Hyde Park

Santa-themed ride

 5. Giant Christmas Trees. Like this one in Trafalgar Square, often accompanied by large musical choruses performing at night.

Trafalgar Square Christmas tree

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