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When London Becomes Home

6 Jan

Now that my semester abroad is over, here’s a re-cap of the things I will miss most about life in London.

1. Camden Market. Still my favorite spot in the city. Not even Hyde park and the German Christmas markets can top it. I wish I took a video walking around in Camden, the pictures I have cannot begin to capture what it’s like.

Horse tunnel section of Camden Market


International food stalls

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Where Christmas is Done Best: Germany!

5 Jan

My final trip of the semester was to Germany for three days to visit my friend Jeff in Eichstatt and my friend Jess in Munich. I flew into Munich on my first day there and explored the city with Jeff and his friends. On day two, Jeff and I took the train to Nuremberg (Eichstatt is conveniently located halfway between Munich and Nuremberg) for Christmas markets, Nazi parade grounds and the city’s old historic center. On day three Jeff showed me around Eichstatt and I took the train back to Munich to meet up with Jess. Here’s a three day re-cap of my German adventure!

1. The Food. Like everywhere else I visited this semester, Germany had delicious food! Meat is a huge part of German cuisine. Normally I don’t enjoy most meats but this was not the case in Germany. Bratwurst, sausage, beef, everything was just delicious!

Hofbrauhaus, famous Bavarian beer hall where I ate my first German meal.


Giant pretzel bigger than my head!


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Shoes, Canals & Windmills: Amsterdam!

5 Jan

I like this list format for blog posts, so I think I’ll keep it going for Amsterdam! The city’s reputation precedes it, but there’s a lot more to Amsterdam than Eurotrip would have you believe.

1. Canals. Amsterdam is made up entirely of canals. They surround the city in rings, with bridges periodically connecting the land on both sides. We went on a canal tour of the city on our second full day there, which gave us a chance to see the house boats and slanted buildings that line the canals.

Boat tours, and the Amsterdam train station in the background

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