When London Becomes Home

6 Jan

Now that my semester abroad is over, here’s a re-cap of the things I will miss most about life in London.

1. Camden Market. Still my favorite spot in the city. Not even Hyde park and the German Christmas markets can top it. I wish I took a video walking around in Camden, the pictures I have cannot begin to capture what it’s like.

Horse tunnel section of Camden Market


International food stalls

This German Shepard is a total badass. I saw him leaning against these same garbage cans every time I visited Camden Market.


2. Christmastime. From the Picadilly lights to the German market to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, there is nothing like Christmas in London. Next year’s holiday season is going to be a huge disappointment for me.

Christmas lights


Christmas Markets

3. The Walk to and from Strand Campus. Definitely going to miss the walk past Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the London Eye. The streets of Washington DC just can’t compare to this.

Missed this since the day I left


4. Being Surrounded by Old Buildings. In London, England, and every European city I traveled to there were old buildings everywhere. I loved living, breathing, and exploring the historical landmarks that surrounded me. Nothing in America is this old (unless it’s fenced off in a little colonial village).

Ancient palace in the middle of London


5. British Cider. It’s just so damn good.

London obsession


6. British Accents. I’ll miss being surrounded by British accents every day. American English isn’t as pretty.

They really do make everyone look more attractive


7. Flats 20/21. When I left for London I never imagined I would make such amazing friends across the pond. My flatmates in Flats 20 and 21 (and our extended flat family) made my semester abroad so incredible!



Beginnings of an epic night.


8. Family Law. What do a New Zealander, an Australian and two Americans have in common? One never ending law problem question filled with transsexuals, intersexuals, fake marriages, bigamists, and fatherless children. Family law was the class I loved to hate last semester, but I’m certain I just would have hated it without these three suffering along with me.

Sometimes Family Law leads to friendship (when it doesn't end in divorce or annulment)


9. Muller Rice. Better than cottage cheese. Better than everything I normally snack on back in the US. Probably going to crave it for the rest of my life.

They don't sell it in the US. I checked.


10. Narrow archways and winding staircases. They make me feel tall. They’re perfect for posing.

Town near Windsor Castle


Lacock Abbey


Tower of London tower wall


Tower of London basement chamber


Outside the Tower of London


11. Concerts and celebrities popping up around the city. First the Taylor Lautner movie premiere. Then Kelly Clarkson preformed at the Picadilly Christmas lighting. Then Deadmau5 held a free light show along the Thames River. Only a twenty minute walk from my residence, it was a great break from essay writing!

Deadmau5 light show.


12. Political Protest Cancels Class. Protests in DC happen every day. Protests in London cancel class. First time in my life a professor encouraged us  not to cross the picket line.


13. The boots Europe killed. One pair of flat boots. Three months of walking. RIP.

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  1. roxnoboa May 23, 2014 at 8:37 pm #

    Please tell me where to get the wedding clogs 🙂 They are so cute!

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