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West Coast Best Coast: Bucket List

17 Jun

For every major multi-destination trip I’ve taken thus far in my life, I’ve crafted a bucket list with major attractions, to-dos, etc. For my upcoming west coast trip, I’m keeping it short, sweet and light:

  1. To watch my friend Candace get married
  2. To run along the beach in the Pacific Ocean
  3. To take a selfie with a really old, really tall tree
  4. To catch up with friends, new and old
  5. To see a sea lion or sea otter on the beach
  6. To stand with my toes in the sand and close my eyes and feel the pacific coast wind on my face

I’m certain this is all easily do-able, though, if I don’t meet a sea lion/otter in real person I might actually cry.

Edit: Adding one more item

7. To blast Phantom Planet’s “California” while driving up Route 1.