I’m Bad at Traveling in America…[said the American]

1 Jul

When I travel Europe I like to wander. It’s this thing I do where I glance at a map, ballpark memorize the sights I want to see, and then wander the city until I find them. 
Today, I learned a very important lesson: that doesn’t work in America. In America, we have these monstrosities called highways and sometimes something that looks like a highway bridge to the zoo is actually an off ramp to the San Diego freeway and then you end up accidentally walking for at least a mile along the freeway because YOU JUST WANTED TO SEE THE DAMN BEARS. 
The good news: 

  • I saw the pandas and it was AMAZING
  •  So were the lions, pronghorn, flamingos, etc. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! 
  • I’m in LOVE with San Diego’s architecture. It feels like I stepped into Spain, not just Balboa park (gorgeous!) but all the little houses around it
  • Cacti are really cool, and sometimes grow little pink flowers, which is amazing. 

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