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Spontaneous Adventures in Paris

8 Oct

Life is busy when you try to cram all of Paris into one weekend. I started off my day on Friday with a visit to the Eiffel Tower. Found this peace monument on the way there; it’s situated directly across from the Eiffel Tower,┬áseparated┬áby the Champ De Mars. The columns and glass panels have peace written on them in every major language.

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Bonjour de Paris!

6 Oct

And so my European travels begin!

First stop on my journey is Paris, and my train left at a lovely 5:25 am this morning. Oh the things I’m willing to do to save money. I met up with my friend Joanna at the Paris train station as soon as I arrived. She’s studying here for a year, speaks French quite well, and has been absolutely wonderful in showing me around here. She helped me find my hostel and left me to wander around the city while she went to class. Proof that wandering around and winging it is quite successful: first place I stumbled upon was Notre Dame and admission is free on Thursdays.

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