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Vamos a…Mexico?!

3 Jul

Sometimes, I’m self critical that I’m not spontaneous enough.

After this trip, I can say with 100% certainty that is not the case. Yesterday, with a tour group from my hostel, I walked to Tijuana. As in, we literally walked across the border into Mexico, which was an experience itself. We took the trolley car all the way down from central San Diego to the US/Mexican border (yup, it really is that simple) and after a surprisingly easy border crossing (only 4 out of 20 people in our group got held up by customs – not too bad considering how many different countries we all came from, and the fact that two Americans didn’t have their passports with them) we walked about 20 minutes until we hit downtown Tijuana. It was quite the experience, I’ve never crossed a major border without a boarding pass, car, train, etc. Nothing but a passport and my own two feet.

Some highlights from the trip:

  • Cheap tacos
  • Cheap frozen margaritas! Two for one everywhere we went!
  • The cultural diversity of our group! Nothing more fun than traveling/eating/hanging out with a mixed group of Aussies, New Zealanders, Brits, Europeans and Americans. Can’t get this cross-cultural exchange anywhere else and I loved every minute of it.
  • Car in a bar! We went to one bar with a shelled out convertible and a tree on the back patio. So cool!

SO much fun, but I don’t recommend trying this without someone who knows the area/knows their way around. The walk back from Tijuana to the U.S. would have been really scary without a guide.